Alight motion Mod APK FOR PC/Windows (Download Free)

Additional Information

Application Name Alight Motion - Video and Animation Editor
Developers Alight Creative, Inc
Latest Version 4.2.0
Last Updated 3 Days Ago
Operating System (OS) Windows 7/8/10, Mac
Installs 1M+
Size 73.5 MB
Price Free
Type MOD (Modified)

Editing video in alight motion mod apk for PC is highly beneficial in terms of storage efficiency, speed, and video quality.

If you are not professional in video editing and already using many other tools, but aren’t satisfied with their performance then we have software for you with advanced video indexing and manipulation functions.

Our approach is to provide users with editing software that supports camera scene cuts, transitional effects, and the shape and paths of prominent moving objects using a spring-based algorithm.

This software helps users create the final video of their project by finding and selecting shots using keyframes without mentioning the start and end frames. 

Alight motion mod apk for PC

Alight Motion mod APK FOR PC
Alight Motion mod APK FOR PC

It is not possible to create stunning videos using mobiles. You need a big screen and a system having high storage. 

But I came up with software that will work perfectly for windows even if your PC doesn’t have high-quality graphics or even if you are not a professional video editor.

This is an alight motion unlocked pro for Windows. 

It is developed by a famous software company, Alight Creatives, and is among the best video editing software in the market. 

No matter whether you’re going to edit your personal videos or work on a client project regarding youtube or Dailymotion videos, it will be beneficial for you. You can also download the capcut mod apk. It is also among the top video editors.

Alight Motion Stats

According to research, Alight motion ranks among the top 20 video players at Playstore. 

Its usage rank is 84 which is quite enough in its category called video editing and marketing. 

Its Usage rank among all categories is 5194.

Country Ranking

 Among video players and editors, it ranked at #73 position in Germany and the United Kingdom and 84 in United State and 96 in France.

Comment Rate

3.18 comments per 1000 views. Similar accounts have 1.85 comments per 1000 views

Reaction Rate

42.24 reactions per 1000 views. Similar accounts have 36.08 reactions per 1000 views

Like Comment Ratio

8.18 comments per 100 likes. Similar accounts receive 5.24 comments per 100 likes on average.

Video Frequency

The account posts 5 videos a week.



We are aware that spreading knowledge is not easy. In the last 20 years, there is a complete shift of methods in sharing knowledge.

Animation in alight motion mod apk for pc

In the past, people went to school, colleges and other educational institutions for the sake of knowledge. In recent times, everything can be founded on platforms like Youtube. 

You need images, animations and other multimedia to your video digestible to the audience to promote learners’ understanding of scientific and mathematical explanations.

Animations hold great potential for improving the way that people learn. 

One of the most effective forms of pictorial presentation is animation. 

It is the most efficient way to transfer knowledge. 

For this purpose, we need a video editor that satisfies all conditions. Alight creative is perfect for you. 

Blending and opacity

Video data is becoming widely available as JPEG or MPEG bitstreams. With an increase in demand, we need to develop some techniques that make our work easy and clear. For this purpose we need software. One of the most effective software alight creative for laptops. By using it, the process of complete decompression and compression can be avoided.

Blending Mode
Blending Mode

Pixel-wise multiplication is also important in video operations. It is done because video editing creates an illusion of motion or an illusion of presence at some specific place. When you deal with compressed domains you have to deal with pixels manipulations. It can only be done using high-quality video editors. 

Video Exporting

Alight pro gives you multiple options to export your video project, created for different purposes, to be exported in multiple formats like PNG, XML, JPG, GIF and MP4 (HD) etc. When you have to deal with sports where a single mistake may result in a blunder, you perform important tasks in video analysis. ALIGHT also helps in this domain.

Vector Graphics

We convert the RGB picture to an HSV picture. We ascertain

histogram of the tint upsides of the casings of the video on the receptacle scope of 0 to 255 with each canister of unit size.

Vector Graphics
Vector Graphics

With this feature, we can give multiple colours to videos. This also helps to improve audience retention. We convert coloured frames of images to binary frames for improvement of video quality. 

How to install alight Motion on a PC?

To install Alight creative 4.0.4 mod apk for pc without watermark, you just need to download the apk, and then follow the installation guide.

Therefore, installing it on pc is as easy as ABC.

You may encounter some errors while you’re trying to install unfortunately, that might be because of your blue stack versions which are incompatible.

Firstly open bluestack and just follow the guidelines till it installs you on a PC.

Now Install Android Emulator Bluestock 4 pro or Download Bluestack for PC from the website.

Open Downloaded Emulator or Bluestock installed by copying And Pasting and running App from Root Directory.

Install Bluestock /System Requirements?

Installing Blue is simple. Just download it and install it. 

For downloading click here

After downloading the launch it is just like any other normal app. 

Run it and open apk and install it. 

If you are facing any errors, here is a detailed guide on how to install blue stock

System Requirements

Your system must have Windows 7 or more. 

At least 2Gb Ram is mandatory. 

Any graphic card must be installed. 

To download alight motion pro, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Alight Motion on a PC?

Yes, Alight motion can be easily used on a PC without any problem. Just follow the guidelines we shared above you and enjoy alight creative on a Laptop with Windows 7 or above.

How much RAM do I need for Alight Motion?

There is no such a requirement regarding RAM with the usage of alight pro on the system. It can work smoothly on a system having 2GB (2000Mb) RAM. However, the higher the ram, the faster it will work and create ease in editing. 

Can Alight for PC be downloaded?

Yes, you can easily download alight without any hesitation using the above link. 

Is Alight Motion paid?

It is freemium software. In free mode, you have access to limited features while paid customers can enjoy more advanced tools and templates for editing. 

Is it Virus Free?

The modified versions of any software may have viruses. We have tested it on our PC and also passed it through avast and many other anti-virus software and it was virus-free. Still, we don’t guarantee you its virus status. 

Is BlueStacks a virus?

No, it is not a virus. Rather it is an android emulator which is used to run android software on laptops and computers. 

What is the best editing app for 2022?

There are many editing apps in the market like kinemaster, capcut etc. But in our recommendation, alight motion is the best video editing app in the market in 2022. 

Can you get Alight Motion on Samsung?

Yes, you can download it and use it without any tension. Just follow the guidelines we shared above and enjoy video editing with our provided modified version of alight having all premium features. 

Can U Get Alight Motion on Chromebook?

Yes, you can also get it on Chromebook. 

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Alightmotion without Watermark

We have discussed all the features of the alight motion mod apk. I hope this post will be helpful for you. If you have any problem with downloading or installation please let us know so we could fix it.

Also, if you like this app please share it with your friends and family so that they could avail themselves of this opportunity.

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