Elements in Alight Motion-The Complete Guide (2022 Updated)

What are Elements in alight motion?

Do you love to sketch or vectorize sketches?

Do you use Adobe XD for UX layouts?

Do, then now there is another creative tool you’ll love adding to your arsenal of favourite design assets—Alight Motion!

Elements in alight motion allow you to create online web and mobile animation with unprecedented simplicity. These elements act as cohesive storyboarding units that can be organized separately from regular project pages, which you’ll find nestled in the tab labelled ‘Elements.’

It is a great benefit of elements as they can be reused, otherwise recording custom movements from scratch every time can be expensive and inefficient.

Add Menu brings up Elements where a user can access them by tapping the layer name within a specified plane.

How to Download Elements?

From the Elements tab

Elements in Alight Motion
Elements in Alight Motion

Downloading elements from the alight motion library is easy. They can be downloaded from the element tab.

Open the elements tab on the web and browse through available elements in your plane. 

Choose your favourite element. After selecting, tap on the download icon. 

Elements will start downloading and automatically be added to your project. 

To download, click here

Download Elements from Element Tab
Download Elements from Element Tab

From a Website Link

Sometimes, you may have to download elements from the website. For this purpose, 

Go to the alight motion website and copy the link of the element you want to download. 

Open software, go to file in the menu and select the import option. 

You will get many options to import data. 

Select Web in the import dialogue box. 

Paste the link you have already copied into the “URL” field and click “OK.”

Elements will start downloading.

Facing Problems in Downloading

If you face a problem in importing data, then remember a few things. 

An updated version of alight motion. 

Using Google Chrome browser. 

Also, update chrome if it is not updated.

Clear cache.

If it didn’t get fixed, contact customer support.

How to Use Elements

If you are new to alight motion and haven’t tested elements in alight motion, then we are going to cover everything about them. We will also discuss their types and also show you how they will help you to create a stunning effect. 

Before you can use any element you have to download it. After downloading, open the alight motion.

How to use elements
How to use elements

Click on the + icon and create a new project. 

Name it. Select elements you want to add to your project.



The layer is the first type of element. When you are dealing with high-level editing, you have to use many elements at the same time in the grouped form. These elements are can be moved and rotated independently from other elements in the project.

To create a layer, simply open the software, and click on the + icon to create a project. You will see an option to select “layer” in the upper left corner.

Path Points

Next, we have path points. Path points are used to create curved paths for other elements to follow. To create a path point, tap on the “Path” tool and then tap on the canvas where you want the point to be placed. You can then move the point around to change the shape of the path.


Third, we have shapes. Shapes can be used to create graphical elements like circles, rectangles, and polygons. To create a shape, tap on the “Shapes” tool and select the type of shape you want to draw. Once you’ve placed the shape on the canvas, you can use various editing.

Changing Element Properties and Text

If you want to add some text or change or remove already added text, then you can do it easily. 

Simply Go to the element properties button. If the already added element has some built-in text, tap on the empty text field and add text whatever you want. 

Changing Elements properties and texts
Changing Elements properties and texts

There are two possibilities.

You can directly make changes to your original project by changing it or you can convert elements to groups. If you prefer to convert, then you can make changes without any hesitation and your project will remain to save. 

Elements Editing
Elements Editing

Changing Element Colors

Generally, when you select any element, the natural colour of the element appeared. If you want to change it, simply click on the element. You will see a painted icon. Click on that…

Select a colour of your own choice. You can even change the colour by keeping the brightness or the previous one. That’s called colourize effect.

Changing Colour Properties
Changing Colour Properties

Creating New Elements

We are going to show you how to create elements in Alight Motion so that you can add them to your videos.

Creating elements in Alight Motion is easy and can be done in just a few steps.

Firstly create a project by clicking on the + icon at the centre of the screen and the open-element tab. You will see a large number of elements.

Creating New Element
Creating New Element

Then, use the various tools in the Elements tab to customize your element. Once you’re happy with your element, simply drag it into the video timeline.

That’s all there is to creating elements in Alight Motion! With this powerful tool at your disposal, you can easily add stunning visuals to your videos that will make them stand out from the rest.

These created elements can be created and saved in the menu. 

Creating Elements from Existing Groups

If you’re anyone like me, you’re always looking for ways to save time when creating videos in Alight Motion. One way to do that is to create elements from existing groups.

For this purpose, you have to select the element you want to use. 

In the upper right corner, you will see any option of three dots.

Click on it and the setting will appear.

Go to elements and create a new one. 

That’s it! Your new element will be added to the project, and you can continue working on your video.

Creating elements from existing group
Creating elements from an existing group

Adding/Deleting Elements

If you’re not satisfied with the element you’ve used for your project, you can easily change, rename, edit or delete them. 

To edit click on that and a setting will appear. 

To rename, simply click on rename box and change its name. 

To add or delete click on the respective box. 

That’s how you can manage elements in the alight motion mod apk.

Adding or removing elements
Adding or removing elements

How to Share Elements

One of the best features of alight pro is that you can share elements with your friends or family. 

In this section of articles, we will show you the complete step-by-step process of how to upload them to the library, create QR Codes and share them with others. 

QR Codes in alight motion
QR Codes in alight motion

First of all, select the elements you want to share. 

Press for a few seconds and the atom will be selected. 

Next, tap share.png  to open the share package.

Data will be uploaded to the Alight creative server. When uploading is completed, you will be able to share it using QR Codes. 

You can also find shared elements. Here is how to do so. 

Once you have created a new project, find the ‘Shared Elements’ tab at the bottom of your Project Tree. 

Click on ‘+’ to add an element from your library to this project. A list of all your shared elements will appear. Select an element to add to your current scene. 

That’s it! You’ll have noticed that in addition to adding the shared element from your library, Alight Motion added a link icon next to the element in the Project Tree for easy access later on. 

Organizing shared elements is easy with Alight Motion’s powerful search tool, which allows you to filter through all of your imported content quickly and easily. 

Recreating Missing Elements

If there is an element missing in alight motion, don’t worry, We have a solution for you. There are a bunch of ways to recreate them. 

The most effective method is to use a shape element. If are not an industry-level expert and wants to create basic structures like square, circles etc then this method will be very helpful for you. 

To access the Shape element, tap the plus icon in the Elements tab and select shape from the list. 

Another way which is more complex and deals with experts is the Path element. With this element, you have to deal with the customs path.

To access the Path element, tap the plus icon in the Elements tab. Then, select Path from the list of options.

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