[Secret] Why Videos Are Important Than Any Other Medium- (2022)

Introduction Why Videos Are Important in Communication

If you look at video stats, nearly 25% of the world population uses Youtube, a video-sharing platform. 

One of the most critical factors why videos are better than any other medium is that people remember 80% of what they see and 20% of what they read. 

This blog will show you the importance of video in communication.

Videos Help in Creating Custom Audience

Why Videos Are Important Than Any Other Medium
Videos Help in Creating Custom Audience

When dealing with customers as a business, it is crucial to sell products and grab the audience’s attention in a limited time. 

Because no one is going to read lengthy boring paras. 

Creating videos takes no time, so you can use them with the help of email marketing and Google Ads. 

With the help of Facebook reels and Tiktok videos, small businesses have an excellent opportunity to increase sales by 27% with short video ads promoted through Influencers. 

Pro Tip…

The Intro is very important
The intro is very important

During the first few seconds of the videos, try to hit the audience’s pain point to make it enjoyable, So they will not quit it. 

Keep information Gap within the video. 

Keep in mind…

If your video looks like you are trying to sell, it will turn off customers quickly. 


Just understand the pain point of the audience and educate them by solving their problem.

Videos are Enriched with Images, Infographics, Music, and Text

Videos are Enriched with Images, Infographics, Music, and Text
Videos are Enriched with Images, Infographics, Music, and Text

Humans love beauty, so having videos enriched with animation, infographics and imagery can make videos memorable, Science shows. 

As a brand, you must treat your audience as a family to keep their loyalty. 

You can do it by establishing connections with them with the right visuals.


Triggers positive emotions
Triggers positive emotions

Videos trigger other activities of brian, so a worthy explainer video is a more effective way to induce a pleasant feeling. 

Also, sharable video not only increases our audience but also makes the brand authority and respected in viewers’ eyes. 


Videos generally get a better position in Search results, especially in Google Voice Search, as the search engine considers videos the most reliable yet convenient results. 

720,000 hours of video are shared online daily

720,000 hours of video are shared online daily
720,000 hours of video are shared online daily

We all use youtube. Do you know that Youtube users upload more than 500 hours of content per minute, which is 720,000 hours per day

Yes, That’s right. 

As videos are an integral component of social media, you are just a few steps away from becoming famous. 


Create High-quality videos as they are more reliable, get more exposure and engagement, and appeal to the audience of 93% of marketers who says that “Thanx to Videos, it helped them to land new customers on their store.”


Video content is the most effective way to grow the audience
Video content is the most effective way to grow the audience

Among all media, video content is the most effective way to grow your viewership on different channels because it is a medium between you and your community to establish neural connections. 


If you think I will tell you the magic formula to producing shareable video, there is no magic or formula to create that content.

It all depends upon your goals. Hiring an expert to shoot and edit is not easy for small business owners, so use Alight Motion mod APK, Capcut Mod APK, and Picsart Mod to make the job easy.

Videos Can Hook Your Audience. Learn How?

Videos Can Hook Your Audience
Videos Can Hook Your Audience

If we try to compare which is better, reading a blog or watching a video, the ultimate answer will be “Video”. 

We all know that in the past, text ads were a traditional way to grab audience attraction. 


With time, videos among visuals have become the most popular way to encourage your audience to stay longer on a webpage or Facebook ad. 

When they stay more, the higher your audience retention time will be, and you” ll get not only a high ranking in Google but also notice an increase in sales. 

Video Increases Clicks by 380%

Video Increases Clicks by 380%
Video Increases Clicks by 380%

When you write a blog or visit any eCommerce store, many of us download any book, visit amazon from an affiliate link or perform any action without notice. That’s called a call to Action. 

A better CTA makes users perform any action of buying any product. It is a powerful “Sell Without Selling” tool for a business owner. 

These CTAs are very important in videos as they encourage users to initiate Action. 

You can call it “Shaking Hands with an audience, virtually.” 

According to research, Videos get 380% higher conversion than any other medium. 

We have seen some Camera selling companies that produce short films to show all possible camera positions for better results. 

They generally try to “Sell without Selling.”

Bottom Line

Videos can get higher conversion than any other medium. 

Economic Friendly

Economic Friendly
Economic Friendly

It is not easy to produce a film drama. Many employees are required to shoot a scene. 

In other words, videos create a lot of jobs and are helpful for several creators. 

Exclusive production of original content on social media platforms like Youtube and Facebook helps creators make money and fame.

According to a new report, YouTube and Facebook will see their video advertising revenues increase by 130% over the next five years. By 2022, these two platforms will generate USD 37 billion in ad revenue(combined) from video alone.

This growth is driven by several factors, including the increasing popularity of video content among consumers and the growing time people spend watching videos on these platforms. Additionally, advertisers are becoming more aware of the potential of video ads to reach and engage with consumers.

So if you’re looking to get your video ads in front of as many people as possible, YouTube and Facebook are increasingly the places to be.

It Takes No Time To Record A Video

It Takes No Time To Record A Video
It Takes No Time To Record A Video

When you write a blog post, you must conduct a lot of research to give valuable information to users. 

You also have to correct grammatical and other mistakes to make it better in the Search Engine’s eye. 


Videos Also take time, but You have seen many vloggers like Ali Abdaal, Nayna Florence, Rachel Aust, and many other who has earned millions of subscribers by vlogging. 

Comparing writing and video shooting, we take conclude little effort is required for video production instead of Writing and compiling a blog post or news article. 

Videos Got Indexed by Google

Videos Got Indexed by Google
Videos Got Indexed by Google

Recently, Google has announced that Videos will be indexed separately and appear in search results.

In the past, videos from the web were only indexed, but now videos from Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok also got indexed and appeared in search results at a relevant query. 

However, there are some protocols to rank Youtube videos on Google. You can read more about Youtube SEO at Backlinko by Brian Daen.

The Impact of Video Modeling on Improving Social Skills in Children

The Impact of Video Modeling on Improving Social Skills in Children
The Impact of Video Modeling on Improving Social Skills in Children

Some people naturally lack the skill of social interaction and communication. 

You can use video modelling to improve social skills.

Research has shown that video modelling can also effectively teach social skills to typically developing children. 

A study published in Educational Psychology Review found that video modelling was an effective intervention for teaching prosocial behaviour to elementary school students. 

Bottom Line!

The students who watched videos of their peers engaging in prosocial behaviour exhibited significantly more than those who did not watch the videos.

Building Video Content that Reaches a Global Market

Building Video Content that Reaches a Global Market
Building Video Content that Reaches a Global Market

Nowadays, if you look at Website traffic/number of visitors, you will notice more than 70% traffic from mobile devices. 

This is because people have shifted from Desktop to Mobile. 

Currently, half of the mobile users watch videos on Facebook and Youtube. 

The video community has grown concisely, so we can say that promoting any product, service, or software is not difficult now. 

Create a good-looking video for youtube, edit it with alight motion and upload it. 

You will get unbelievable results.

If you are a small business owner and want to market your product at minimum cost, promoting it with videos is the most effective way at a minimal cost.

Videos are Memorable

Videos Are Memorable
Videos Are Memorable

Sometimes, we read a paragraph in a newspaper or a book and suddenly realise that we have nothing. 

This phenomenon is called regression. If this happens, we lose all the attenuation, and we must read that again, which is quite frustrating. 

If we watch a video of that topic, it can be covered in less than a minute without losing attention. 

According to Forbes, 80% of viewers remember what they watch instead of reading. 

Also, for learning, we prefer visuals instead of writing. 

Increase Sales

Videos Increase Sales
Videos Increase Sales

From small business owners to big companies like Apple and Microsoft, they start marketing to increase sales when they launch any product. 

Videos generally perform better in terms of conversion. 

When a customer watches a video about the product, these videos trigger positive emotions toward the product and force the customer to develop buying intent. 

Videos generate revenue

Generate Revenue
Generate Revenue

Video-based communication methods are becoming more widespread because of the prevalence of smartphones and portable tablets and their advantages.

Its advantages over other communication means include cost savings, faster turnaround times, improved relationships, and continued relevance in a digitally-charged environment.

Video is the superior form of communication if you want your customers to make a decision. This means investing in video content production; some companies should provide financial help to their employees, like support for equipment purchase and professional development, while others should encourage employees to share the costs.



After concluding with the benefits, it’s vital to consider the current hurdles and future progress. Marketers can look to these markets as a testing ground for new video techniques that are barely out of beta.

Unsurprisingly, the video should be marketers’ primary medium in the new advertising age. With its fast-growing popularity and ever-increasing capabilities, we will continue to see a transition from traditional advertisement mediums toward one based on the video.


Why are videos important in communication?

Videos are essential in communication because they are a great way to convey information quickly and with depth. Nowadays, as society becomes more visually driven, video is becoming one of the most important pillars of digital content.

With video engagement at an all-time high, these are one of the best ways for businesses to get people interested in what they have to say about their products.

Studies have shown that over 8 billion hours of video are uploaded daily, making creating informative content simpler.

It takes only minutes or seconds for companies to upload a video demo and establish a very engaging way for potential users to learn about their product or service before deciding whether or not it’s something worth purchasing.

What is the importance of video?

Creating videos to educate people about several topics effectively makes the message concise and interactive.

For example, an economics professor who presents his ideas in a video transcript contains more information than the reader may find in a wordy book or treatise.

Videos often contain graphics or animations explaining the topics being discussed. With so many advantages and advantages between text-based content and video, businesses have adopted the trend of adopting videos on their communication mediums, such as websites or blogs.

Video clips are easily accessible, often embedded in articles for aggregating websites like YouTube. They use bots for search engines on top-tier publishers like The New York Times.

Because they limit the access to certain types of material via paid subscription where only members can watch content live across news channels and viewing forums.

Why is video so important on social media?

Video is so important on social media because video promotion is necessary for any content type and the majority of the data in the world is visual.

The ability to present visually is a big deal. Sites that allow one to post videos stand much higher chances of being explored, discovered and shared than plain text-based or photograph-only sites.

Video production has now become an art form, and it is thanks to new apps like Snapchat, Instagram TV and Twitter Vine, the video gets regular love from brands and marketers. At the same time, YouTube continues to drive advertising dollars online on mobile media campaigns.

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