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It is not an easy job to edit a video on a smartphone. But what if you can animate and make any kind of design on your mobile. 

This is what Alight Motion mod apk is offering. 

No matter if you have basic knowledge of video editing or a pro, this software, available for Android and IOS, is perfect for you.


One of the most important aspects in the development of any video editor is knowledge of its developer. 

Designed and developed by Alight Creative, This can edit and display video in real time. 

Nowadays, videos become the knowledge stream. That’s why this software is developed on principles of user controlled video editing.

That user controlled video editing is also helpful for Youtuber and Content Creators who can’t afford high priced difficult to use professional editors

It gives you hundreds of tools and makes the editor able to prioritize and give video a proper sequence.

Alight Motion Mod APK

We all know that Most of the useful apps are paid. It’s not possible for a small content creator or a student to buy subscriptions.

So mods are developed to facilitate educational purposes. 

We are providing an Alight Motion mod apk having all those features, available in premium app, for free so everyone can start professional video editing. 

Here is the list of these features

  • Brilliant Effect
  • Stylish Font
  • Multiple Formats
  • No watermark
  • No AdPremium Templates
  • Copyright Free Music
  • Visual Effect
  • Vector Graphics
  • XML support
  • Versatile Sharing

And much more.



Animation in Alight Motion mod apk

 It is becoming increasingly difficult to tell what is real and because of this people’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. 

Scientists say how their research has discovered that people cannot remember what has happened only 2-3 seconds before or after a surprising or enjoyable event.

However, in the virtual world people can still remember where they have been for 12 minutes which strengthens predictions of the growing popularity of animation in first-person experiences like video games.

In Alight Motion, tools like keyframes are very helpful for animation. There is a lot of customization available in alight motion. 

Brilliant Effect

Brilliant Effects in Alight Motion are the most exciting in all of Alight. These effects can help you create a professional and compelling visual that leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

When looking at animations and motion graphics, you’ll want to be very careful about how much motion you are including. 

For example, if you choose to show a text message being typed out as it is being created, then it’s not necessary to show the text typing itself or all of the keystrokes being pressed. 

This is because some audiences may not have time to read everything on the screen, so they will be relying on their memory of what they just saw happen instead.

Vector Graphics

It is a powerful vector graphics editor that can be used to create stunning designs and animations. The app has a wide range of features that make it ideal for creating professional-looking graphics and animations.

Vector graphics are perfect for creating high-quality designs and illustrations. With this app, you can create beautiful vector graphics with ease.

Blending Mode

It offers a wide variety of blending modes that can be used to create unique effects. Blending modes allow you to mix the colors of two layers together in a variety of ways. This can create some really cool effects that would otherwise be difficult to achieve. 

Color Adjacement
Color Adjacement

It helps you to mix the top and blend layers of an image and video to take editing to the next level. 

Many advanced video editing software lacks this feature, while you can use it in our provided version of the modified app. 

Blending Mode
Blending Mode

The blending effect is an important tool to create a composite image in clinical studies retaining microscopic resolution. The blended image generally maintains the quality of the input image at a high frequency.

Visual Effect

Visual Effect
Visual Effect

It is an amazing video editing tool that lets you create stunning visual effects. You can use it to create professional-looking videos with ease.

While editing action, drama, and thriller films this effect adds value and is helpful information to demonstrate the film category. It is also helpful to create short transitions.

Generally, visual changes are gradual. This effect is also used to classify thriller and action movies. You can also control the brightness of the video using this feature in alight motion pro without a watermark. 

Thus it is among powerful tools with cinematic principles in order to produce valuable video content.

There are millions of videos on YouTube, billions of video views on Facebook, and many more video viewers on Instagram and Snapchat every day. 

The industry has also been evolving as more people use mobile devices like tablets and smartphones to post video clips that they have created themselves. I would recommend going to Alight Motion if you are looking for someone who will start from scratch.

If you need someone to create the story then Alight Motion should be your first stop in that scenario.

Powerful Compositing

It is a powerful video editing tool that allows you to create professional-looking videos with compositing effects. With this tool, you can add multiple layers of video, images, and text to your projects.

You can also use keyframes to animate your elements and create smooth transitions. It also lets you control the placement and opacity of your layers, so you can create complex effects.

The features like use in training algorithms to select representative keyframes are also available.

A 3D rendering programme is generally tough when you have to deal with large complex videos. The research tried to automate this process but it is difficult to do so. 

We can use this powerful compositing tool in an alight pro to perform actions like Image synthesis, 3-D rendering, Hidden-surface elimination, Anti-aliasing, Z-buffer, and compositing.

We can use this information for the motorized stage for average blending.

Versatile Sharing

It offers a versatile sharing feature that helps you to create and share stunning video content with your friends and followers. With this feature, you can easily create videos that are creative and professional-looking. You can also share these videos with others via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Camera Control

With Alight Motion, you can easily plan the camera control to create stunning video effects. A number of approaches have been proposed in order to control virtual cameras for the sake of virtual cinematography to serve video for a given remix sequence.

This feature is used in data visualization, virtual walk-throughs, virtual storytelling and 3D games for the avoidance of occlusion. 

For Deployed camera control algorithms, we need virtual rods to remove the edges and make one compact image.

It also helps in motion planning and editing. Computing camera paths is a big challenge. To reduce all these risks, we use high-level algorithmic-based video editing software.


Nowadays, effects are fundamentals in digital video editing. These effects are very helpful for those who are concerned with media houses, drama production or work for user experience.

People play video games and there are many agencies working on improving the designs of these video games because UI and UX designs are directly linked with user experience. These effects change the colors and make it more attractive. 

Digital imaging and special effects are used to deliver videos in popular MPEG and WebM video data formats. 

Special Effect FX algorithms are used in this app. You can create a project using short clips, tracks and transitions. Video-Based motion blur is used to curate advanced content.  

Hierarchical Parenting

Hierarchical parenting is an additional feature in the video editing software Alightmotion. The hierarchical parent system allows layers to inherit all attributes of their parent and provide an extension.

 The hierarchical parents’ tool was conceptualized as a way to make it easier for editing as well as production and post-production teams to organize various parts of their projects effectively. 

The Hierarchical Parenting tool ties together disparate pieces of motion graphics and is the most important tool in video editing.


Movies may be managed in a digital environment. While editing we have to tackle videos of large sizes like dramas and movies. 

For this purpose, we need an android device or Laptop having high memory. Also, a qualitative graph card is essential. However, you can run this app on a system having low memory that fulfills the below conditions and allows personal editing. 

The system must have at least 1.5GB of RAM. The Quads Processor is also essential. Also, use the latest version of alight motion to avoid any kind of loss. That’s all about alight motion mod apk v4.0.0 download.

People Also Ask

Why Alight Motion Is Best?

When it comes to mobile animation and motion graphics, Alightmotion is by far one of the best apps around. A groundbreaking App for ideas, creativity, and efficiency in your workflow – it’s everything you need in one well-designed tool. The professional motion design App for all things creative when you’re on the go. Stay creative wherever you are.

How it is User Friendly?

Regarding customizability on production environments and parameters, Alight Motion’s interface has a user-friendly that significantly streamlines parameter changes save for pure operations.

How many people have installed it? What is its average Rating?

According to our research, more than 50 million people have downloaded it from the play store and its rating is more than 3.7 at the play store. 

Also, there are more than 50K installations from the apple store and maintained a rating of 4.3. 

How can I download AlightMotion?

Just click on the download button given in the menu and download it according to your requirements.

How to install it?

Firstly download it.
Then open the downloaded file in your file manager
Give it access to be installed from the setting.
Then click on the install button and enjoy the video editing.