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Clips a layer to the visible parts of the layer beneath it. It’s a great way to restrict layers to a particular shape just as the clipping masks on the ocean photo. You can even have a stack of layers with a clipping masks, all clipped by the same underlying layer of the base layer. 

In this blog, you will learn how to create a clipping masks for your own project. 

Using it is very easy. We will show you how to do it with just a circle and a square where the circle is in front of and overlapping the square. 

To create, tap the circle to select it. Then head to this menu shown in the image, and tap on create clipping.

On iPhone and Mac, simply select the layer and then choose to create a clipping mask. 

You may have noticed that a downward pointing arrow appeared next to the circle layer’s thumbnail. (Shown in image below)

Arrow Pointing downward for Clipping Masks
Arrow Pointing downward

This tells us that circle is clipped being clipped with by the square. 

We can confirm this by looking at the composition area. Only the portion of the circle overlapping the square is now visible. 

If you decided, you no longer want the mask, you can remove it easily. 

By trapping the circle layer to select it, then head to this menu and then release the clipping mask. (Shown in image below)

Release Climping mask
Release Clipping mask

On iPad and on the Mac, simply select the layer and then choose to release it. 

You can now check the complete circle. 

Multiple Layers in Clipping Mask

You can clip multiple layers to the same base layer, as long as they are in a stack together directly above it. 

Let’s add star shape to our project. (Shown in image) and then create it. 

Adding Star to Project
Adding Star to Project

This star is clipped by the circle layer.

Star Clipped with circle layers
Star Clipped with circle layers

If you want to clip a star, the square becomes the base layer for clipping the mask on both the circle and star layer. 

If you want to clip a star, the square becomes the base layer for clipping the mask on both the circle and star layer. 

In this particular project, to remove it all the layers, select the circle layer and then head to the three dots above and add a clipping mask. 

This works because removing it from any layer will remove it from higher levels in the same stack as well. 

On iPad and Macbook, choose the circle and release it. 

These are a great way to control the appearance of layers on the screen.


Did you know they can work with layer parenting in an interesting way?

It is a way to connect layers, so a change in position, angle, or scale of a parent layer directly affects the child layer. 

This example uses both layer parenting and a mask to make only the shadow of the plane visible as it travels through the clouds. 

Let’s see how it works. 

Z Coordinates

Let’s just start with the aeroplane and cloud layer. 

We haven’t adjusted the Z or Z coordinates. 

Z coordinates generally represent a layer’s distance from the camera.

When you hit the play button, the aeroplane disappears completely under the cloud. 

If we duplicate the aeroplane and drag it above the cloud, we see it fly above the cloud. Both layers operate just as we expect. 

Let’s turn this duplicated aeroplane into a shadow. 

First, rename the layer. 

Add the solid colour effect. 

Change the colour. 

Create a clip mask. 

When we press the play, we see the shadow appears only when the plane is in the cloud. 

Here’s where things get interesting. 

If you make the original aeroplane layer, the parent of the shadow, and then scale down the aeroplane over time, you can make the plane look like it’s diving under the cloud. 

Because the shadow is the child of the aeroplane. It moves with the aeroplane. 

But because it is clipped with an aeroplane by the visible parts of the cloud layer, we only see it when the plane passes through the cloud. 

The combination of these two features allows for the seamless transition between aeroplane layers as the cloud passes by making the shadow effect believable. 

Did you enjoy learning how to add clipp masks to your projects? 

We can’t wait to see your creations. Make sure to show us anything you created by using #AMCLIPPINGMASK below in the comments. 

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments section and make sure to bookmark us to download the alight motion mod apk

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